Due to the financial and logistical hardships
of the current covid-related
Health Department requirements
for selling prepared food at Market,
Save Animals Go Vegan Bistro
will not be able to be present at Market,
until further notice.

# #  BUT WAIT— Don't leave yet!  # #
If you would like to order
or inquire about ordering
family-sized batches
of the animal-free foods
you've tasted and liked,
click here for the TO-GO MENU.

Free delivery if located in Ithaca.
No ingredients are taken from
persons of other land or sea species.

3/4 of pandemics that kill humans,
including this one, are zoonotic in origin.
Yet still, humans refuse to stop the
injustice of breeding, exploiting, killing,
eating, wearing, experimenting on, etc.
persons of other land and sea species.
Vegan, please, for them.

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