Save Animals Go Vegan Bistro
is a local food delivery service
of family-sized portions.
In business since 2012.

No ingredients are taken from
persons of other land or sea species.

Free delivery if located in Ithaca.

Regarding the Pandemic

As afraid as humans are of dying from
this virus, how is it they are so uncaring
about the trillions of deaths they cause to
persons of other land and sea species
every single year -- eating them, wearing
them, experimenting on them, etc.
All beings want to live and be safe.

3/4 of pandemics that kill humans,
including this one, are zoonotic in origin.
Yet still, humans refuse to stop the
injustice of breeding, exploiting, killing,
eating, wearing, experimenting on, etc.
persons of other land and sea species.

Vegan, please! For them.

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