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          Unfortunately, many of the large, so-called, animal protection organizations have been drawn into supporting, marketing, and even partnering with those who profit from, the "humane" exploitation and execution of persons of other land and sea species.
          Below are some of many who believe in, sincerely promote, and provide educational materials about not supporting and not contributing to the exploitation and killing of individuals of other land and sea species...for any purpose.
          What we humans are doing to other land and sea individuals is currently the most monumental social injustice on the planet. It needs to be abolished. Not regulated. Not reduced. Abolished.
ONLINE (alphabetical)
Be Fair Be Vegan (world-wide)
"[We] may not know all the practical details of living vegan, but [we] do know, and already live by, the fundamental truth that causing harm for pleasure is not a 'personal choice' but an abhorrent abuse of power, and that refusing to impose misery and death for a taste, a trinket, a thrill, is not a sacrifice, but the most basic act of human decency." Learn more.
EVOLVE Campaigns (UK)
Using someone without their consent can never truthfully be labeled as humane or just, for it is an inherent violation, and reduces that being to an object – a thing.
Finger Lakes Animal Rights
Educating to abolish the most monumental social injustice currently on the planet . . . the exploitation of persons of other land and sea species.
Gentle World (HI & NZ)
Locations in Hawaii and New Zealand welcome guests and visiting volunteers interested in being involved with veganic gardening and a myriad of other opportunities related to learning how to interact gently with our world and our fellow creatures. The site is brimming with intuitive essays on a broad range of topics.
Go Vegan World (Ireland)
“The greatest problem on earth today is the notion that some lives matter less than others. We imagine that non-human lives hardly matter at all. We live as though our difference from other species entitles us to use them, and that they exist for our benefit. This view is not only inaccurate, it is unethical.”
International Vegan Association (MA)
Dedicated to educating about veganism and animal rights, with a strict focus on abolishing (rather than regulating) animal use.
My Face is on Fire Blog
Focuses on abolitionist vegan education, animal rights issues and the misrepresentation of veganism in pop culture or mainstream media.
There's An Elephant in the Room Blog
Thoughts about veganism. Promoting an end to the use and the property status of members of nonhuman species.
South Florida Vegan Education Group (FL)
Eempowering individuals with the knowledge that veganism is the
primary means of dismantling speciesism and achieving the
abolition of animal enslavement, exploitation and execution for
human pleasure and convenience.
Vegan Trove (Tasmania, Australia)
Trisha Roberts hosts wonderful podcasts, mainly about abolitionist veganism, but touching on other issues as well.
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