Upon going vegan, an exciting panorama of cooking and baking techniques, ingredients
and creativity opened up. With 2012 being
the ten-year anniversary of expanding into
that expansive new arena, what better way
to continue helping the animals than to try launching a little vegan treats and sweets
food shop.

The versatility and variety of combining and preparing the flavors and textures of plants
is boundless. It's a door opening, a tapestry
of tastes, a strengthening of a sense of community with all beings, this planet being home to all of us.

This planet being home to all, we humans
need to stop exploiting all persons of other
land and sea species for our own purposes.

With regard to food, plants -- vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, beans, seeds -- have all the protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and oils humans need.

With regard to the many, many additional
ways humans exploit and use persons of other land and sea species, there is no biological, nutritional, fashion, sport, entertainment, research, or other need for humans to do so.

Vegan, please, for them!

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